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SKAN Demo Plan

A free plan to show you what path planning looks like!

Plan Includes:
  • Paddock Upload
  • PaddockPath for up to 5 paddocks
  • Tramline Optimization Tool
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Unlimited access to our PathPlanner for all your farming needs

Plan Includes:
  • Everything in Free
  • Unlimited PaddockPaths
  • Export your PaddockPath files
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This plan is only avaliable for a limited time and is our way of rewarding our founding clients.

Plan Includes:
  • One time payment for lifetime access to all SKAN products
  • Never pay a subscription fee, guaranteed
$999 Once only

Pricing FAQ

How do I get started using the free PaddockPath tool?

Simply create an account with SKAN, upload your mapping files from your desktop to our portal and wait to receive your maps back with our algorithm based mapping guide in your email inbox. We can accept all mapping file types.

How will the pricing system work?

We are open to ideas on how you as a user would prefer to pay for this service. The options are on a monthly/yearly subscription basis. Flat payment per account, or scalable price based on hectare.

We are interested to hear your thoughts. Please find the feedback page and leave your thoughts for the team at SKAN.

How will the live PaddockPath be displayed?

The live PaddockPath will be displayed on either an IOS or Android device mounted in whatever machine cab you are utilising.

When will the live version be available?

We are currently still in the development process of our live version of PaddockPath. With your help as a user, by leaving feedback on our simplified version of PaddockPath we can generate software that will be beneficial to our user base.

Please find the feedback page and leave your thoughts for the team at SKAN.