Jan 5, 2024


PaddockPath is our first product, an introduction to what we strive to achieve as a company. It is a stationary tool that empowers you to optimize your paddock operations with ease.

Key Features:

  • Create an account and upload your paddock boundaries
  • AI-powered algorithm assesses your tram lines for optimal efficiency
  • Perfect training tool for inexperienced operators
  • Guides experienced operators in maximizing productivity
  • Visualize potential gains by removing obstacles

Use PaddockPath as a training tool for inexperienced operators, a guide for experienced operators chasing those few extra hectares a day, or a way to imagine what gains you can make with the removal of obstacles.

There are hundreds of ways to work an individual paddock, there are countless variables every time you open the gate, let us take the guess work out of it, let's get it right, every time.