Jan 1, 2024

SKAN Pipeline

PaddockPath Live

This is where we want to be as a company, a live, interactive tool with all the features of our stationary product. This tool will auto-update in the paddock if someone makes a wrong turn, bin/tank/box storage capacities, and the ability to calculate the next fill-up.

Imagine a world where the seed/fert truck gets placed in the right spot every time, and there is no more guesswork about when to pull out for a fill. Saving minutes, saving money.

Virtual Paddock Planner

Using our AI tools, we want to give you the ability to reconfigure all of your fences, laneways, tank locations, and obstacles. With this tool, you can assign a dollar value to each poorly shaped paddock, every fence line, and every time you have to travel just a bit too far to fill up the sprayer.

Key Benefits:

  • Reconfigure fences, laneways, tank locations, and obstacles
  • Assign dollar values to inefficient paddock shapes and layouts
  • Make informed decisions for real-world changes
  • Optimize your farm's efficiency and profitability

PaddockPlan - Harvest

Harvest can be chaotic, chasing weather, chasing time, chasing profits. Let us simplify this job, we will create a PaddockPlan tool like never before. A complete logistics platform that communicates with harvesters, chaser bins, trucks, and field bins.

Chaser bins will know exactly what run line to be on when the headers are full, the headers will know exactly when they are going to be full. The trucks will know how much grain is in the bin, the boss will know where everyone is up to, all without touching the two-way.

Imagine this world, help us make it a reality.